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Benoy Tamang, CEO, executive, business and leadership coach

When first-time venture-funded tech CEOs are ready to launch from scrappy startup fighters to $100M leaders, they invite me to guide them.

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What's in It for You?


Your business and personal goals are achieved in the time frames you set. We get results faster with more ease.


You experience positive, productive relationships with your key executives. This leads to greater business impact with less effort.


You make better decisions quickly with exceptional confidence. This skill comes quickly when we work together.


You attain a level of peace at work and at home that has previously eluded you. You gain skills that improve you holistically, not just the “business you.”

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What I Bring to the Table

With seven startups under my belt – four from scratch, all seven angel or venture-funded – like you, I have walked the lonely CEO road on which demanding boards and investors expect us to have all the answers. This is a high-stakes environment with pressure-cooker intensity found in very few roles. CEOs in this environment invite me to guide them to:


  • Lead rapid growth with justifiable confidence,

  • Navigate the crucial path of hiring the right key executives and assembling an effective board,

  • Maintain clarity and sanity in their challenging work while cultivating harmony in their personal lives,

  • ...and much, much more.

We work together to customize a series of courses that augment your natural skills with the new tools, qualities, and capabilities you need to succeed. You immediately build your business better with less effort. It becomes fun again!

I will help you enjoy these results.

Benoy Tamang, tech CEO, executive, business and leadership coach
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Is CEO Coaching Right for You?

You must be 'H&H' (Hungry and Humble)

Your business is growing fast and you are stretched thin

You are profitable or venture-funded for aggressive growth

Your company is successful but your leadership team is not in sync

You feel alone and stressed, or don't know how to take real, worry-free vacations

How CEOs Engage with Me

To ensure we have a strong, mutual match that will deliver results, we follow this proven qualification and engagement process:


We hold an initial assessment meeting. It is a rare breed of CEO who is hard-charging, yet humble enough to accept meaningful direction.  These few standout candidates proceed to the next step.


Qualified contenders enter into a 12-month coaching agreement, with the first meeting being a two-hour personal assessment and goal-setting session.


We then engage in weekly, one-hour sessions together to address your ongoing needs. You also have 24/7 access to me for emergencies and hot topics that can’t wait for our next scheduled session.


As needed, we hold semi-annual CEO boot camps tailored to specific needs to shore up leadership skills. These engagements might address topics like how to keep the CTO from holding you hostage, understanding the real role of the CFO, motivating the CRO accurately, etc.


We enable your team to flourish and take the front position, driving your business forward, leaving you free to focus on vision, strategy, and resources.

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Want to See If We Have a Match?

Invite me to engage in an initial assessment with you.


This visit will make it clear to both of us whether my support is a good fit for your journey.

I look forward to hearing from you.


What My Clients Say

Benoy was exactly what I needed as a CEO and just plain human. Being CEO of a growing company is tough, lonely sometimes, and a big learning curve for those of us doing it for the first time. The investment in myself has forever shaped my future and I'll be grateful to Benoy for his leadership, challenging me, pushing me and asking a lot of me.


Since he and I started, our company ARR grew 40%, we hired an amazing executive leadership team, and I'm 100% healthier mentally, physically and emotionally. My relationship with myself, my wife and my kids is stronger, and I even dropped 25 pounds with my new found self-love."

Jeremy G.

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