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The  Little Book on Big Growth for Overwhelmed Tech CEOS

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"In his new book, On Big Growth for Overwhelmed Tech CEO’s, Tamang shares precious insights for CEO’s on how to navigate the pain, pressures, and growth of a VC backed technology company.  Leading such a company in a pressure cooker environment can be a lonely job and requires tremendous focus on growing not only the business, but also the capabilities of the CEO. As a leader of a large business in the world of helping organizations improve human behavior, I highly recommend this short and informative book as a must-read for all CEO's looking to grow their business and themselves."


Sean Covey, President of FranklinCovey Education and Co-Author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller, The 4 Disciplines of Execution

“Benoy Tamang knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in the tech start-up world. BENOY HAS DONE IT! The Little Book on BIG Growth provides an inspiring blueprint on the “how” to be a winning CEO and get the right results. It is full of proven principles that create lasting value, joy, and happiness in your journey of being a successful leader and CEO.  This book is a jewel and worth its weight in gold.” 


Steven R. Shallenberger, Founder of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership and Author of the National Bestseller: “Becoming Your Best - the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders”.

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